Invisalign Maintenance: Tips To Keeping Your Aligners Clean and Clear

Invisalign is undoubtedly a brilliant idea, as it has served as a solution that makes it possible to align teeth while avoiding the discomfort associated with braces. However, it is necessary to clean them regularly to make them functional and invisible within the dental space. Good maintenance reduces the formation of color changes on trays and eliminates the growth of bacteria on the trays as well as on the teeth.

Daily Cleaning Routine

The first step of caring for your Invisalign aligners is therefore to create cleaning habits that will see you through the use of the aligners. Every time you‘re taking your aligners out, wash them under warm water to avoid various germs and plaque accumulation on them.

To clean them, use a soft toothbrush and an unpainted clear soap to wash them with water at least once daily. Do not use toothpaste because it has been known to roughen the surfaces of aligners.

Deep Cleaning

Daily cleaning is one thing and then there’s a need to clean your aligners thoroughly at least once a week. Empty it and rinse the aligner trays with a solution of Invisalign cleaning crystals or denture cleaner for approximately 15 minutes.

This will also help keep bacteria from accumulating within the aligner as well as make sure the aligners remain crystal clear. The final recommendation is to thoroughly clean your aligners with warm water to remove any residue and impurities before placing them back in your mouth again.

Limit the Use of Staining Foods and Drinks

To preserve the beauty of your aligners and to maintain that pearl-like white shade, it’s necessary to refrain from consuming certain types of products and beverages. Patients with stained teeth should avoid coffee and tea, wine, beers, colas, and other dark-colored sodas. If you wish to have these hot beverages then it is advisable to take out the aligners and clean your teeth first before putting them back. Toothpicks also serve a double purpose; they not only ensure the aligners are clean but also aid in oral hygiene.

Proper Storage

As highlighted, it is recommended that when not in use, you should keep the aligners in cases that are specific for this purpose. Failure to cover them may result in contamination and even damage may be caused on them. Further, encasing them in this manner can also help because individual pieces cannot be lost or unknowingly tossed in the trash. This habit of storing has the benefits of keeping your aligners safe from any form of contamination and also clean when not in use.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Caring for Invisalign aligners includes taking off the aligners and brushing your teeth to ensure optimal dental hygiene while wearing the aligners. You must visit your dentist after some time to get your aligners checked and also understand how your treatment is progressing.

When it comes to cleaning solutions they also offer professional cleaning services as well as consultation based on the need that is required by the client. It helps the dentist detect any problems as they arise, this makes sure your treatment regime is on track.

Avoiding Heat Exposure

One disadvantage of choosing them is that they may get deformed by heat and, therefore, cannot correct the teeth’ position. Also, ensure you never expose the aligners to hot water, sunlight, or any source of heat, whether low or high. Avoid the use of hot water wash and rinse as well as storage to ensure that they retain their desired shape and size.